An Invitation


Ayhan at his first political action: attending a Park(ing) Day park in downtown DC. (Photo by Tim Hoagland of Casey Trees)

I invite you all to share with me your stories of how you’re raising your child for life on a changing planet. From philosophical and spiritual preparation, to skills, to your favorite sustainable baby food recipes. Or broader reflections on any of this.

Leave a comment below to share immediately or send a note to raisinganecowarrior [at]

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  1. Dear Erik, I had sent a question yesterday about a book I ant to publish about ecological imagination. After that, I discovered your amazing blog that inspired me a lot, because my wife is about to give birth any moment (due date was Sept 18). Thanks so much, and I promise to contribute with ideas, comments, etc. Well, the other thing is that my daughter Laia (14 years-old) lives in DC with her mom and step dad (He works at PAHO). So I would love to meet you when I visit Laia! The other thing I forgot to mention, this semester I teach an entire class on sustainability and Latin American Essay in Spanish!!!! Well, thanks again!!!

    Un abrazo: roberto

    • Hi Roberto–just seeing this now–somehow missed it when you submitted. If you emailed a question to me, please send again (eassadourian at worldwatch dot org). I hope all is going well with your infant! And when you’re in DC please do reach out.



  2. Hello there Eric,
    you spoke at a conference we ran 2 years ago at the UNSW Australia: Addicted to Growth – the steady state economy.
    A book has since been produced , based on the conference.

    I have been reading your blog and thought you’d appreciate the work of an Australian childrens book author/Illustrator Tina Matthews – a quiet eco warrior in her own right

    I live on the south side of Bondi valley in Sydney near Tina and a group of others in various block of flats…our kids are now in their 20’s and all been raised to be resilient and conscious we are part of – not separate to- nature

    Anyway hope you enjoy



    • Thanks Sue! And apologies for the long delay. Much of the energy of Raising an Ecowarrior shifted to EarthEd: Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet (which you can read parts of at Hope you enjoy. And thanks so much for the links.

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